Living Wage

Wisconsinites have long been known for their work ethic. However, unlike years gone by, working hard at minimum wage does not mean you'll earn enough to put food on your table, a roof over your head, or any left over for a little fun. Wisconsin's minimum wage has been stagnant at $7.25 per hour for over 15 years but cost of living has soared. This has forced many to work multiple jobs to stay afloat. It's past time for Wisconsin workers to get a raise. I have always and will continue to support a $15 minimum wage.

Supporting Labor

While I realize that not every worker will be a member of an organized labor union, I do believe that every worker should have a right to organize. I'm proud to be considered a blue collar union democrat. It was the Labor Movement that brought us the 8-hour work day, the 5-day work week, unemployment insurance, and Workers' Compensation protections. It's been exciting to see so many new units vote to organize despite pressure from management and owners. Every worker should have a say in their workplace, especially about their wages, benefits, and workplace safety, whether a member of organized labor or not. However, when unions are strong, all workers benefit.