Common Sense Gun Control

Wisconsin has a strong strong tradition of outdoor sportsmanship which I will always vote to protect. However, we cannot keep ignoring what is happening in our streets and in our schools. I will continue to work to improve the safety of our schools and neighborhoods. As a mother and a grandmother, I am saddened and angered and will work tirelessly to remove weapons of war from our communities. We must increase safety by supporting better access to mental health services, banning assault weapons, and expanding background checks.

An Investment in Our Children is the Best Investment in Our Future

A strong public education system is the foundation of a strong community. Over the past few years Legislative Republicans have funneled millions from public schools to unaccountable voucher programs. Their ultimate goal is to dismantle our public education system. All of our State's children deserve access to high quality public education, and the majority will attend public schools. We must push to restore funding, respect our teachers and pay them fairly, and give parents a strong voice in their children's education. If we don't invest now, the cost to our future will be immeasurable. 


Healthcare should always be safe and affordable. That's why I have supported every attempt to accept the Federal Medicaid Expansion funds. The only reason this federal funding continues to be rejected is nothing more than partisan politics. If we continue to reject these funds, Wisconsin will miss out on $2 billion dollars that will go to other states. 


Protecting our Natural Resources

I remember when I was a young girl my grandmother told me we were getting strange weather because of all the things they were shooting off into space. Well, I guess she knew that climate change was real before the scientists did... even if her logic wasn't exactly sound. It is up to each generation to be sure we're leaving this Earth better than we found it for generations to come. We are fortunate in our state to have beautiful parks and waterways for our enjoyment. I will always vote on the side of protecting our natural resources and I am proud to be recognized every session by the League of Conservation Voters for my steadfast support.